About Us

Brain child of Alex Wong, SMET – Stag Match Education and Training Group, was created in 2016 after the successful introduction of the Stag Match brand in the education market. Embodying all the values and visions of Stag Match, SMET has crossed inter country boundaries into Malaysia, Australia and the Philippines to bring the best robotic enrichment to the world.

Founded in 2001, Stag Match, a registered education business, has become a leading education business in the education industry.
Stag Match aims to prepare its students to excel as young leaders of tomorrow by combining an exclusive collegiate-based curriculum tailored specifically for children with enhanced, first class tuition services. We currently offer robotics courses for the different ages, preparing them for Tomorrow’s world, making sure that they are prepared. We use a unique system to improve academic skills while also increasing a child’s concentration span.

Our growing services are in-lined with Singapore education system, which focuses on students’ creative thinking and analytical skills. Stag Match is constantly in-touch with the changing educational system with the aim of helping students gain a competitive edge in the knowledge-based economy.

Why Us?

We, Stag Match Education and Training Group, are experienced, trained and caring professionals specializing in this range of development and we are well equipped to conduct unique learning process for the students. Our services are specially designed to ensure maximizing their development and learning capabilities.
Well-structured Syllabus is rendered at SMET to meet the students’ education needs.
The key to success in our business would be to provide the following:

  • Reputation: credibility, integrity, and 100% dedication.
  • Caring and approachable Teachers / Trainers
  • Seasoned management team
  • Superior Customer service: high quality hourly care and service

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